Flowsent Cannabis Delivery

Flowsent is a premium cannabis delivery business serving Northern California. Fresh Baked’s principal Rick Bakas co-founded Flowsent with two cannabis industry veterans from NorCal Cannabis and Guild Extracts.

The process of building a legal cannabis business from the ground up gives Fresh Baked more context and a deeper understanding of how the industry works. That experience translates into a better finished product for our clients.

We’ve walked a mile in your shoes and we have a deeper understanding of the challenges each cannabis business is facing.


Flowsent Logo Design

Flowsent’s logo is an hommage to the old ways of transporting things like messages or drugs via pigeon. When researching what ‘cannabis delivery’ was about we looked back as far as we could and found homing pigeons were used as far back as the 1600’s.

The resulting logo is a stlized pigeon that is also the letter ‘F’ and represents vapors.

The Flowsent design aestetic is influenced by Haight Ashbury and the hippie movement of the late 1960’s. That moment in American history brought awareness about cannabis to the forefront.

Because Flowsent primarily serves San Francisco and Marin county where the Grateful Dead calls home there was intention to keep the spirit alive through historic surreal imagery.