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cannabis package design

A Cannabis Marketing Story

Creating a strong first impression is so much more than just sitting down at a computer and designing something that looks cool. It’s about telling your story through a well-thought-out graphic language implemented with an intention for consistency. If you have a moment, I’d like to tell my story…

After spending 8 years of high level branding and marketing at NIKE, I left in 2003 to move back to my home town of Boulder, Colorado to care for my mom who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. It was the proverbial fork in the road moment in life.

Until that time, cannabis was a prominent part of Oregonian life. With nine months of rain every calendar year, people had a considerable amount of time indoors to entertain themselves. I lived in the Hawthorne district a few blocks away from Jack Herer’s retail shop. Suffice to say, his namesake strain was my favorite.

Upon arriving in Boulder I began growing cannabis after hearing it could be helpful for treating Multiple Sclerosis. Looking back now, I realize how naive it was knowing nothing about CBD or any medical benefits of the plant. However, it put me on a path that has led to this moment.

In 2018, my business partners and I started a fully licensed cannabis delivery business in California called Flowsent. The past two years have provided a front row seat to the growing pains cannabis businesses face. I’ve walked a mile in the shoes of cannabis entrepreneurs and have gained a deeper understanding of industry challenges.

With 25 years of high level branding and marketing experience combined with cultivation knowledge and the launch of a licensed cannabis business, there is no one better equipped to understand your cannabis marketing needs.