American Cannabinoid Clinics Identity Design

Project Brief

The American Cannabinoid Clinics are global leaders in cannabis as medicine. The clinics were founded by the CannaMD’s out of Oregon. 

They wanted a timeless mark that represented the highest level of professionalism and innovation, while keeping a feeling of being a health brand. Their in-depth knowledge of integrative cannabinoid medicine is represented by the primary mark, which is a drop of oil doubling as a tree.

Our Solution

During logo exploration we kept coming back to why cannabis is medicine. We wanted to represent its immense medical benefits with a simple, timeless mark. The ACC’s focus was more on natural integrative medicine, which expanded the universe to include other sources of medicine besides cannabis.

After multiple rounds of exploration we landed on a mark with double meaning. It’s a tree, the universal symbol of plants. But it’s also a drop of oil, which could symbolize anything from cannabis oil to essential oils. All were part of the ACC repetoire.