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Explore, build and refine until your business is a world class experience.

Bakas Media was founded by industry veteran, Rick Bakas with an intention to improve the overall image of brands in the wine, cannabis and sports industries. Rick spent eight years at NIKE from 1995-2003 as a senior designer working on iconic projects including:

In 2003, he left NIKE and moved back home to Boulder, Colorado to care for a parent with Multiple Sclerosis. There, he began growing cannabis. Bakas joined the TechStars Boulder startup community working with a TechStars mentor on UX design projects.

In 2010, Bakas founded Bakas Media, a new media relations agency. Bakas Media’s first client was British Airways. Other clients include the Australian government,, ABC Bachelor contestant, Ben Flajnik along with a half dozen  wineries on the west coast. Cannabis companies began inquiring about branding needs.  

Bakas Media’s first cannabis brand and package design project was for Kalapooya Fire. As more cannabis companies inquired about services Bakas Media’s name changed to Fresh Baked.

Bakas founded a cannabis media company in 2015 called WeedHorn with a focus on high quality cannabis education. WeedHorn evolved into a fully licensed cannabis delivery business in the bay area called Flowsent.

With 25 years of high level brand design experience, a deep knowledge for cultivation and experience launching a fully licensed cannabis company, few individuals are better equipped to help position your company to thrive in the legal cannabis industry.